Tuesday, July 31, 2007


latest project - a book about gravity.

Lately I've been using a new brush for whenever I have to do some linework in photoshop. I am really bad at making nice lines with the round brushes. It takes me forever because I have to go in and smooth out and clean up my really shaky linework. So I made a brush from one of the Spatter brushes (one of the default brushes). I selected the 14 pixel spatter brush, kept the spacing really low, and then adjusted the rotation and stuff (see brush palette screenshot.) This has been a great brush for me. I can draw with it more how I used to draw with a pencil to do my "inking." Plus, I like that the line has a little more softness or texture to it.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Those pesky problem sounds

I think I did these back in early march or so. The idea was to show the difference between two similar sounds that some folks have problems differentiating. These were all I got done before the activity was handed off to someone else, since I had to move on to the whole Museum deal. Done in Flash.