Sunday, January 24, 2010

sugar plums for charity

I've posted the rest of my auctions on eBay (for now) for Red Cross. There are some Sugar Plum books listed, and if you win, I will sign the books, personalize them if you like, and draw a picture in them as well. Fun! And 100% of the proceeds go to charity.

Friday, January 22, 2010

red cross auction - star wars concept art

Heya folks! I've got a couple things I'll be posting on eBay, 100% of the proceeds will go to Red Cross. The first is an old sketch I did back in the Lucas Learning days. Also, I've got a couple Sugar Plum items I'll be posting over the next few days.

For Haiti: Star Wars Video Game Concept Art

So bid lots, or pass along the word to any Star Wars fan you may know who might be interested. Thanks!

Monday, January 11, 2010

sugar plum ballerina news round-up

First of all, a big congratulations again to Deborah Underwood, Whoopi Goldberg and the folks at Jump at the Sun for another NAACP image award nomination. Sugar Plum Ballerinas #2 Toeshoe Trouble was nominated for Outstanding Literary Work - Children. Sweet!

Second: the third of the series, Perfectly Prima was released last week. Go buy it. :-) I actually just sent off the cover for book #4 last week as well. I think it should be out more towards the end of the year. Spoiler Alert! Book #4 is Tangerine.

And finally, I'm not sure how long this has been out there, but just discovered that there is an official Sugar Plum Ballerinas website. There are a couple little games, wallpapers and chapter excerpts, things like that.

EDIT: And one last thing - just saw that Whoopi will be on Letterman tomorrow night. Awesome sauce.