Sunday, January 6, 2013

walking with instagram

River trail by my office.
I signed up for Instagram a few months ago, mostly so I could see the photos my nieces were posting. I had it set to private, thinking it would just be family-related stuff, but as I've been using it more it has evolved into a fun ongoing project. I've decided to make it public and link it up to the blog.

Last September I started on a plan to work my way up to 10,000 steps a day (about 5 miles). I started at 5500 steps/day and added 500 steps a week. At first I could get there just by parking a bit further away at work and the daily workout at the gym. Then I added a daily walk during my lunch hour. I kept coming up short on the weekends and needed to do something a bit more than going to the gym Saturday mornings. So I started going on long walks around my neighborhood. I kind of hated them at first. It took so long and I could think of lots of things I'd rather be doing. But I kept at it. (Btw, I am now surpassing 10,000 steps almost every day!)

There was so much glare on my phone, I just aimed and hoped for the best.

One Sunday morning I was out braving the cold. It had just snowed like mad so I took a photo mostly to pat myself on the back for being out there (see above). But it turned out pretty cool and I thought that would be a good little challenge: take one interesting photo per Sunday walk with my phone. The walks became a lot more exciting after that. I spent the time scoping out what I would use for my one photo. The idea has eventually expanded to my lunchtime walks and the newly added Saturday walks. I love it. I look forward to my daily walks, which amazes me because they were such a chore at first.

This walk prompted me to get some decent boots.

Even going to California for the holidays did not stop the walks. Spring Lake flooding.

More Spring Lake.
Lunch walk by the office.

No longer phased going out into this for a walk. I've got some awesome boots.

Got myself an Olloclip. I love the Macro Lens.
Yesterday I ventured beyond the neighborhood for the first time. Rock Canyon, Provo.

So that was a long-winded ramble to basically say: enjoy these photos I take on my daily walks. :) Oh, and apologies for the occasional cat photo that pops up. But hey, that's what the internet is for, right?