Wednesday, August 15, 2012

viva las vegas

The M in my Living Room.

Las Vegas is about a five and a half hour drive south from Orem. I usually head down a couple times a year to visit an ol' pal of mine (we've been friends since we were 5!) So last weekend was one of the bi-annual trips down, and it was a fine time. We mostly shop or go to movies and shows but sometimes Lisa earns her BFF points by allowing herself to be dragged to various kitschy Vegas attractions. We've been to places like the Liberace Museum (very sparkly!) and the Neon Sign Boneyard.

I was telling some folks about the Boneyard so thought I'd post some photos. Pretty cool place. I'm a little obsessed with taking photos of any marquee-style signs I run across. I think I have it in my head to make one someday. I have no idea why or what it would look like, but there ya go.

eta, here's their website:

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

icon dump

Sometimes at work I get to do really big projects like animate a song. Or a cool online game. Or illustrate books I wrote. Sometimes there's a lot of busy-work. It's all good, it keeps life from getting dull. Lately I've been making icons of words for a game that teaches syllables. Here's a taste from the 40 I've done (40 more on the horizon).

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

the mighty nathor

Yet another co-worker doing a cool thing (see yesterday's post about Jed's kickstarter).

Nate Baertsch is starting his own 30-day challenge. A connoisseur of toys, he'll be posting a sketch a day for August, each a potential design for a toy/action figure. Have fun Nate!