Monday, October 20, 2008

sugar plum ballerinas #1

Tomorrow (Oct 21) is the official release of the first of a series of books by Whoopi Goldberg, which happen to be illustrated by me. Plum Fantastic is a really cute book, Ms. Goldberg came up with some pretty fun quirky characters, and I had a great time doing the illustrations. It's one those chapter books with the occasional b/w interior illustration (about 18 I think). There will be six books total; I'm in the midst of the second one at the moment, so watch for them over the next year or so.

Whoopi will be plugging the book this week on tv. As far as I know (these things change), she'll be talking about it Tuesday Oct 21 on The View. And on Thursday Oct 23, she'll be on Good Morning America and Regis and Kelly.


Heather Shepherd said...

CONGRATS!!!! I've been dying to hear/see about this project (mom's are such gossips!) I'll be TiVoing those shows in hopes of hearing Ms. G gush about your AWESOME talents!!


sheryl said...

it is so fun to be related to someone famous! :) I am so trying to figure out how to get to the big bash, but my daughter planned a birthday party sat and I have class friday till 10:30 pm. (that should be illegal!) I am really excited for you and your book though! ahhh to have such talent!

maryn said...

hey ladies! thanks!
i'm pretty curious as well to hear what they'll say about the book. Mostly, if they do mention the illustrator, I'm curious how they'll pronounce my name. ;-)

heather - I hope you guys can make it to the party this year! my mom's coming from CA for the weekend, so that's cool. I heard Jim and Lynette might come up, which would be fun - I haven't seen them for awhile.

sheryl - I'll post pictures, so if you guys don't make it, you can celebrate vicariously! And yes, classes until 10:30p on a friday night are a crime against humanity.


Janet said...

Congratulations Maryn! I am so happy and excited for you. I'm going to TiVo right now so I can see and hear what Ms. Goldberg has to say!

love ya, Janet

Kactiguy said...

Whooo, you go girl!