Monday, November 10, 2008

rachel ray and toeshoe troubles

I suppose I should post something other than Sugar Plum Ballerinas news, but I don't really have any other news at the moment. Halloween is over, I'm loaded up with work as usual, and I'm trying to learn how to live in a world without dairy. Hallelujah there's no lactose in Diet Coke....

A bit short notice, Whoopi Goldberg will be on Rachel Ray promoting Sugar Plum Ballerinas on Tues, Nov 11.

And the cover for the second Sugar Plum book: Toeshoe Troubles, can now be seen at (or if you're really clever, you can see it in this very same blog!) For those who read the first book (it is a really cute book - go buy it!) that's Brenda on the cover, with her snotty cousin Tiffany.

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sheryl said...

How can they sell the book for just $5. The art alone is worth way more than that!