Sunday, July 18, 2010

imagine learning on the news

A little slow to post this, but there was a nice little piece on KSL a week or so ago about Imagine Learning. Go and watch. :-) - Utah company's program helping kids learn English quickly

A big chunk of what I post on this blog is from Imagine Learning. And I just celebrated my official 5 year anniversary - love working there! Last week was crazy times at ol' IL. Every year we have Vision Conference in which the whole company gets together for fun, training, motivation, all that good stuff. More often than not I am on the committee putting on the conference, which is a ton of work, but all good.

We recently moved into a new building, and decided to use it as the game board of a live version of Clue. We had 120 people running around the building trying to solve the murder. Pretty fun. The committee members were the suspects, and I personally was "Doctor" Maryn (the turquoise one). We made a full set of customized cards, and the game actually worked (you never really know with this kind of stuff.) Above are actually not the final versions of the suspects card illustrations, but close enough...

Anyway, good fun, and now hopefully my schedule is back to its regular craziness.

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