Tuesday, September 7, 2010

imagine learning picspam

Last week at Imagine Learning, we celebrated hitting the $50 Million total revenue milestone. Pretty awesome for a little company that started up 6 years ago. It's a great company, and I love working there. I thought I'd post a few things I've done there recently, which also serves as an example of why I like it there so much. I am given pretty much free reign to do my illustrations in whatever style suits my fancy (and is appropriate, etc.). And for someone like me who is always trying something different, it's perfect.

 For a small story about endangered seahorses.

A book about seed dispersion.

 Sometimes I even get to write my own books, which is pretty cool.

Just an inhouse thing, but fun to do our product Level 1 characters in a slightly different style.

So there you go. I keep thinking I'm going to do some tutorials, or post about encaustic painting, but I'm realizing that it isn't going to happen anytime soon - especially since I just lost two weeks recovering from gallbladder surgery. Freelance has me swamped through the end of the year. Guess I can't complain about that!

Happy Drawing!


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Mark Robison said...

great stuff maryn. turns out you don't need a gall bladder for art, huh?

Julie Olson said...

you are so talented. Great variety