Wednesday, December 15, 2010

how to draw booster + interview

I've recently had two little articles/features at the Imagine Learning Blog. First is one of those how-to-draw deals. I tried to make it so it wasn't step one, step two, step three, then something magical happens and step four it looks all finished.

So head on over here to learn how to draw Booster!

The second blog post is a short little interview. Every month they are planning to spotlight one of the writers or artists or someone, so it was my turn this time around.

So go here to read my very important thoughts about important things.


Jessica said...

I was just wondering when this book was coming out?

maryn said...

Hi Jessica,

The book is part of the whole Imagine Learning English software package. I think someday they might publish them separately, but not really any plans to do so at the moment.

Sorry about that!