Friday, April 13, 2007

Imagine Learning English: Made of Awesome.

I haven't posted much Day Job stuff for awhile. I've been doing lots of random, not really postable things - when I've actually been alive enough to be at work. (I call it The Curse of the Two-Headed Goose - ever since it's arrived, I've had some sort of malady or another. Been fun!) Anyway, I'll have a bunch to post soon. In the meantime - our cool video guys recently put together this little promo movie about Imagine Learning. So if you're curious about what we do at The Day Job, take a gander.


Kirsten said...

I enjoyed seeing more about your day job! Fun to see the illustrations you've posted in the past in action! Your work is awesome!

garth bruner said...

Nice to see that your work is shining all over that software. Your characters are adorable.

Ari2525 said...

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