Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Science Lab and The Auditorium

Here are a couple more Museum backgrounds. These were the first two that finally worked stylewise (I had many many failed attempts I will deign to not share). From that point forward the project finally started to come together.

A little process:

Everything was drawn in Flash, each "Thing" on its own layer. I would draw with the line tool and the pencil tool, then fill in the drawings and delete all the lines. After figuring out the colors (when drawing the shapes, I fill everything with random dayglo colors) I export each Thing as separate .png files.

I reassemble in Photoshop, and add a little drop shadow on each layer. Some layers I add a mask and a texture - like the brick walls, or a subtle wallpaper pattern. Then over the top of everything I added a couple other textures - one is a scanned piece of velvet, the other is from a photo of an old moldy door. With things like that, I just play with adjusting the colors and levels, as well as the Layer Style. I tend to use Soft Light and Overlay the most.


Ken Chandler said...

I really like your stylized backgrounds. They have have real kid appeal. Since I'm a big kid I know these things. Really excellent work!

aycayil35 said...

Your work is really fantastic! I like your stylized backrounds. Great job!