Monday, December 10, 2007

missing manny

Hey - happy December everyone!

Here are a few pages from my latest little book at Imagine Learning. It's a pretty fun little story about a missing person mystery on the set of a pirate movie (haven't gotten to any of the pirate stuff yet.) This is just your basic draw and color it all in photoshop style. Also, my detective is a not so subtle homage to Emerson Cod of Pushing Daisies. If you've never seen it, hop on over to and watch a few episodes. Love, love, love this show..


Carol H. said...

Great work! I love the clean lines you get, incorporated with the nice textures and colors. Would love to see a post about the process you use when making an illustration!

Heather Shepherd said...

I TiVo "Pushing Daisies" and force Jason to watch it with me every week. We missed the start of the series, but I'm hooked!

Kactiguy said...

Muy nice stuff. Pushing Daisies is sweet. New favorite show.

planejane said...

Love the illos --

only thing I'm missing seeing are some knitted gun cozies.

You rock, Marnz!

Anonymous said...

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