Thursday, January 17, 2008

brown feller


Carol H. said...

Your work is so wonderful! I wish you would make a little video or tutorial showing your process. I'm a total newbie to digital art and it's so difficult for me to get anything to look good. How do you get your lines so clean looking? Do you use a brush or pen tool? What size brush do you usually use when you make your lines? Mine usually come out all scraggly looking.

Thanks so much for sharing with us, you're one of my favorite illustrators out there.

maryn said...

hey carol - thanks! i'm actually working on a tutorial, but i'm only about 1/3 way done with it. It's kind of long, but hopefully it will be helpful.

I use the brush tool for lines (I rarely use the pen tool in PS, if I need it I go to Flash). I start with a rough sketch with lines all over the place, and then as I'm finishing the illustration the line slowly gets shaved and cleaned up. I don't have a specific size I use. I rarely ever draw a nice clean line - mine are always scraggly as well!

Daniel said...

That is one hot cowboy drawing.

Madelein said...

I just stumbled across your site looking for a funky pic-and I must say I love your work.
You definately have a lot of talent.