Sunday, June 1, 2008

imagine island :: world premiere

Last Friday was the World Premiere of the Imagine Island TV show. We had a big party up at the BYU to screen one of the episodes. The show was produced in partnership with KBYU and will be broadcast all over Latin America. It uses a lot of content from the Imagine Learning English software, bridged by a story with a live action actor filmed on green screen - sort of a Blues Clues model.

I've been the go-to artist whenever the video guys need some new art for the show. One of the first things I had to do was make a portrait of Jack (the explorer dude) and Booster (the robot) in a cubist sort of style. Pretty fun to do. Also, you can see what the clown car was for that I posted a few weeks back. And finally, I posted that last screenshot of the dollhouse cause all that dollhouse furniture is mine from when I was a kid. It is actually bearhouse furniture since bears lived in my house... anyway. See! It does pay to be a packrat.

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Kactiguy said...

Hmmm...the go-to-packrat-baroness-illustrator supustar! Somehow it just seems right.