Saturday, December 20, 2008

interesting internet facts

So every once in a while, it's fun to Google your own name to see what comes up. It's interesting, and maybe a touch creepy. Taking a little break from some sketches, I thought I'd see what came up. I learned some interesting things.

1. Apparently there is another Maryn Roos out there with a Facebook account. I don't have the time or inclination to deal with Facebook or MySpace or sites like that, and the whole friend thing makes me uncomfortable. But I wonder who the other Maryn Roos is. I wonder if she's the good version, and that makes me the evil bizarro Maryn.

2. Apparently I have a middle name, and it is Boyde. Huh. When I little, I was always self-conscious over the fact I didn't have a middle name. I have kid drawings where I wrote different middle names all the time. Guess I was trying them out. The favorite that seemed to stick was Rosie, and all through college I would sign my paintings M. Rosie Roos. The Boyde bit isn't that out there though - my dad's middle name was Boyde, so somehow it's gotten attached to me. I actually get junk mail for Maryn B Roos all the time.

3. I stumbled across an illustration I did earlier this year in someone else's portfolio. (It's all legit - no worries.)

4. A website all about wine sells my books.

And that's enough of that diversion for the evening. Back to work so I can enjoy some free time over the holidays! Also, above are some illustrations from The Can Dance, a book for Imagine Learning. Can't have a post without a picture of something...

*bonus points if you can correctly guess the actual city used for the map in the top illustration.


Kactiguy said...

Thank you for those lovely facts Boyde. It was enlightening. You can be my facebook friend if you want.

Patrick Nord said...


I love the pictures! I always feel like I am getting a bit of sneak peak at what is to come in ILE and it makes me feel kinda special.


Heather Shepherd said...

I googled you a few weeks ago ( I was looking for a book you've illustrated that was appropriate for a 1st grader) and saw some of that stuff (like the possibly evil other you...).

I only pop up on facebook. hmmm...I need to get interesting.

Anupam said...

The images is very nice.

Anonymous said...

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