Wednesday, December 24, 2008

season's greetings and stuff

Once again, I didn't quite get it together to send out Christmas Cards, much less paint something new for a card.... so I grabbed some pieces from a job I did last year for Home Depot and made this nice little seasonal salutation for y'all. I think I did the lines in Flash and then colored everything in Photoshop. I had to make elf heads and bodies and hands and arms all interchangeable for the ad people to set them up however they wanted. I never did see the final set up, but it was supposed to be a big end cap for cleaning supplies, hence in my files these are called the Swiffer Elves. :-)

Have a wonderful season of festivities, and I wish a wonderful new year to you all!


sheryl said...

I didn't get to the cards this year either...however in my 30 years of marriage (almost) I typically send my Christmas cards for valentines...if I send them. I almsot sent a letter the other day and didn't even know how much a stamp cost. soooo sad!

sheryl said...

oh...dah...I was going to say your attempt is so much more creative than mine! Oh to have such talent!

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