Friday, January 2, 2009

new year's resolutions

Happy New Year!

So one of my resolutions for the new year is to go nuts selling stuff on eBay. I'm hoping to move before the end of the year, and it would be ever so lovely to downsize quite a bit before having to pack everything. Earlier today I set up my own little table-top photo studio and tried to remember how to use my camera.

I've learned that I still need to figure out the whole depth of field/aperture stuff but I think I've got the lighting working pretty well. Also, I need to steam the fabric and get rid of all the wrinkles. (How tacky!) But mostly I learned that I really need to do a better job of dusting my belongings! Ouch.

Anyway, probably in a few weeks or so I'll have a store up on eBay. I may have the occasional bit of art to sell, so I'll be sure to post on the blog whenever that happens, otherwise it's mostly going to be normal house stuff. Oh - and btw, the above items are not for sale, they were just handy for taking some photos.

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