Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Gallery of Terror

Happy Halloween!

Years ago I worked at a place called Waterford Institute. While I was there, a tradition known as The Gallery of Terror was started. Even though very few of us still work there, the tradition has continued.

This year I did two pieces for two Galleries of Terror. The first, the giraffe (or, as I have decided to name him: Pongo Zarafa) was done to hang in my house for my annual Halloween Extravaganza. It is a copy of a painting that hung on the wall of the set of the tv version of the Addams Family. Also posted for Jeff Davis'Official Gallery of Terror.

The second picture: The Maryn, was painted for our Gallery of Terror at Imagine Learning. Kind of a long story to explain where this comes from, so I won't bother. :-)

Have a fabulously kooky, ooky and spooky Halloween!


Alisa Haggard said...

Woot! Go The Maryn! Blast that evil LX-5000 Robot. Love the background texture and the glowy hair. :)

jacobsteel said...

wow! love it! :D