Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Mighty Mayflower

I haven't posted anything from Imagine Learning for a while. This illustration of the Mayflower is from a little book I've been working on called Don't Fence Me In. I seem to be getting the immigration-themed books lately, since my other book I just finished is about the Statue of Liberty (mostly photos, so no illos to post).

This was done primarily in Flash. The ship was exported in about 7 layers, plus two layers of ocean. The .pngs are all imported into Photoshop, where I add a Drop Shadow to each layer. The back layer of ocean got the gaussian blur filter treatment. There is a texture layer over the top, I think it's a photo of a rock, set to Soft Light. I airbrushed a little on the sails, the sky, and around the outside edges, and that was basically it.


*Shawna said...

The detail in this looks great. Great style. I like all the little lines in the boat and water. I really like your "Gallery of Terror" too. said...

I really like this illustration it's very clean. Thanks for giving details on your techniques. It really helps us emerging artists. Thanks

Digital Scott's illustrationblog said...

Beautiful colors! I enjoy your work a lot.