Wednesday, July 11, 2012

day 10: field trip

Every July at Imagine Learning, we have a week-long Vision Conference. There are motivational speakers, company updates, training, teamy togetherness, fun-time activities and lots of food. Today the Art Department went on a field trip up to Salt Lake. We spent the morning at the new Rio Tinto Natural History Museum at the University of Utah. It was fabulous! It just opened in November. Beautiful architecture and engaging well-designed exhibits made it a great trip. I'm not a natural history or dinosaur buff, so while it was interesting, I didn't looooooove it. But it was a nice visit. I'd definitely recommend taking the fam to it.

After lunch we headed over to The Leonardo, a new contemporary art museum in downtown Salt Lake. We met up with the Writers and split up into teams to go on a scavenger hunt through the exhibits. We were a slacker team, and ultimately gave up and did a multi-tasking experiment. We each spit into our own cup for about 5 minutes and then memorized letters while doing math problems. The idea is to see if multi-tasking is a genetic trait. We'll have to wait until October to find out the results. Btw, I am not an excellent multi-tasker.

The museum was lovely. There were some neat exhibits. But I kinda don't really care all that much about contemporary installation art. So no big rush to go back, but I'd be interested to see what new exhibits pass through.

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