Wednesday, July 25, 2012

day 24: old-school 3d illustration

Look what I found! This is the kind of stuff I was doing when I graduated from BYU. I love the constellations, well...the mythology of them. I actually took Astronomy at University thinking we would learn the stories and how to identify the constellations. Luckily I did alright with the physics, but all that math was definitely not what I was envisioning. I sometimes have these weird lapses of logic.

On a side note, I also just found the sketches I did of a revised more accurate constellation sky. I had started building a second more elaborate version of the above but never finished. Hmmmm.

Butterball and the Troll Hag. One of those gruesome old tales where cherubic children get eaten for wandering into the forest. For some reason the Troll Hag would carry her head under her arm and stuff her neck with twigs. Why? Who knows why Troll Hags do the troll hag things they do.

From 1998 to 2002 I worked at Lucas Learning. Such a great little place to work, I loved it. One of our producers was expecting her first baby and ended up on bedrest for a good portion of her pregnancy. I was charged with making a we-miss-you-best-wishes-etc gift. Since Julie was a Shoe-a-holic and we were working on an Episode One game, this is what I came up with.

So there are some samples of my old illustration style before totally switching to digital. I'm happy to have found these, it's reminding me of ideas I still want to execute. They are definitely back on the To-Do list... after the latest batch of deadlines is done. And maybe a trip to Vegas.

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