Saturday, July 14, 2012

day 13: ghost bees

The Misadventures of Dr. John H. Watson
Nobody hates Holmes like Sir Arthur hates Holmes.
You have attempted to tinge it with romanticism.

The Cabin Pressure Crew

A sort of companion post to yesterday's entry: some fabulous Sherlock Holmes and Cabin Pressure illustrations by a chap named Basil with a tumblr named Ghost Bees & Consulting Detectives. (I'm kind of jealous of the awesome name.) It's delightful stuff, and if you are a Sherlock Holmes nerd like I've recently become, so funny. I really like the style, his clean linework, the little cropped heads at the bottom of the space, and his watercolors are quite fun. They remind me of the old Jeeves & Wooster* book covers that Steven Guarnaccia did. Also, I really enjoy that occasionally he draws little pictures of what he wore that week. Dapper fellow!

*Drive by rec for anything written by P.G. Wodehouse. Or if reading is not your thing, watch the old tv series starring Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie. And thus ends my weekend of overt Anglophilic gushing. Apologies.

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