Monday, July 30, 2012

post 29: pajaro valley encaustic show

Earlier this year I got two pieces into a juried show at the Pajaro Valley Arts Council.  I decided to head home to California for the weekend to go to the opening show. It was a lovely weekend spent driving down to Santa Cruz with my mom, going to the show, seeing old friends, and melting in a very very warm gallery.

I'd taken a lot of what turned out to be terrible photos of the party, and thought I'd accidentally deleted them when I uploaded them to the computer. Couldn't find them anywhere! But when I was looking for those needle felting photos the other day, I stumbled across the photos I took. They'd been filed into 2008. Crazy computer. So here are my photos of the show as well as some taken by my mom. Hers are the ones in focus.

Me and my little paintings.

This is Daniella Woolf, one of the curators of the show. I've taken a few workshops from her. She is the most fabulous teacher and a delightful person. Someday I want to be in California long enough to take a class at their studio Wax Works West.

A quick primer on encaustic.
The place was packed all afternoon, and about 100 degrees...inside.

Apologies for such dreadful photographs. I think I would have been better off using my phone camera than the thing I was using. Oh well. Hope you enjoyed seeing some of the different things people are doing with encaustic. I'm getting myself inspired for my next 30 day challenge. I'll give you a hint. It has to do with encaustic painting. :)

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