Friday, July 20, 2012

day 19: the flower shop

Here's a blast from the past. That's me in the blue dress looking diabolical. When I was little, my mom worked at a flower shop. I remember spending a lot of time there: sleeping in the back office when I'd stay home sick from school, decorating the Christmas trees for the holiday season, making my own flower arrangements and corsages from the scraps on the floor. I've always thought there was something in those memories that would make a fun children's book. And maybe there is. I got as far as a rough draft and some character sketches. I even talked with publisher about it. I think they told me to cut the story back to taking place on one day rather than going through the seasons.

Anyway, found these while looking for something to post instead of the exciting icons I've been working on (table! lime! lightbulb!). These are from June 2002 (crazy) which means I would have just been starting out doing freelance full-time. That probably also explains why this never went any further. Shortly thereafter I got busy and stayed busy.

Rosie and her finch pal Bambi. There was a giant store-length bird cage inside the shop full of all kinds of finches. It made for great background noise.

Mom, have you even ever seen these?

Kind of fun to find this. Maybe someday I'll rework the idea, redesign the characters, who knows. I think it still has potential.

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Anonymous said...

Great trip down memory lane. No, I had not seen these sketches previously. As I mentioned to you...I love Rosie...she is adorable. Sure brought back some good memories. Thanks for posting this and you should do something about creating a children's book.
Love ya, Mom