Sunday, July 8, 2012

day 7: shadowbox-dimensional artists

Magda Trzaski
I love her pieces. They make me wish my brain came up with this style. Hopefully someday I'll at least own one.

Joseph Cornell
One of the pioneers of assemblage. 

Rednose Studio - Chris Sickels
Love this style, the detail and mix of sculpting and found objects.

Beautiful typography and clever elevation of the art of quilling.

Graceann Warn
Encaustic and found objects. I just found this while looking for a different encaustic assemblage artist whose name I can't remember. I'm a sucker for any astronomical type pieces like these.

Alex CF
Makes really cool realistic cryptozoological boxes and specimens. I'd love to make stuff like this.


LLK said...

Hmmm, reminds me of an astrological shadow box I got some years ago...
Those are super cool. And quilling! Wow! Need to learn how to do that.

maryn said...

heh. how is that little box? has it disintegrated yet?

hmmm. maybe i'll do a whole post on quilling. only seven days and I'm searching for things to post. :)

LLK said...

The box is very much intact! The flashlight even works again, after not working for many years. A miracle!
Quilling, yes please!